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Zafiris Tours Profile

"Nearly 40 Years Experience in Tourism & Transport"

Zafiris Tours Profile

We have the experience & the capabilities!

About Zafiris Tours

With nearly 40 years in the travel agency business, at ZAFIRIS TOURS we have all the tools and experience to be able to fulfill from the simplest to the most complicated travel requests. We rely on the smooth organisation of our administrative staff and cutting edge technology in the road transport sector.

The travel & tourism industry and group transport business are diverse and challenging professions and we strive at Zafiris Tours for perfection in all sectors.

Our company has expanded over its years of operation and our network reaches to travel professionals all over the world, offering superior travel-related products to agents, tour operators, travel agencies, schools, organisations, and individuals both for incoming and outgoing tourism and transport.

Zafiris Tours is committed to maintaining superior professional services while offering products that are good value for money ultimately ensuring that each and every one of our clients are satified with our travel services.