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Bansko - Sofia - Filipoupoli

5 day trip to the Bansko Sofia Filipoupoli with Zafiris Tours

Destination: Bansko Sofia Filipoupoli

Bansko Sofia Filipoupoli (5 day Excursion)

Enjoy a marvellous trip to Bansko, Sofia and Filipoupoli arranged by Zafiris Tours.

A Few Words About Bansko

Bansko is situated in the northwestern foothills of the Pirin Mountains at an altitude of 925 meters, and is inhabited by 9,500 people. Is 6 km south of Razlog , 60 km southeast of Blagoevgrad and 160 km south of Sofia. The river runs beside Glanze the city and poured a little more down to the river Mesta . The name comes from the old Bulgarian word ' Ban ', which means 'Lord' . In the past two storey houses built here , similar towers, with tall walls, large eaves ( eaves ) and fortified gates. The city is under the highest and most beautiful mountain top . The beautiful surroundings of the city , combined with the architecture of the Bulgarian National Revival make very popular in the outside world. The Museum of the city will see an amalgam of ancient and modern history. The three oldest of the 41 mansions of the city built in the 19th century and bear the names of their owners ( like the Mansions of Macedonia ) , the Chatzivalchovata , Chatzirouskova and Velianova . Have basements and battlements and interior is richly decorated with frescoes. The mansions of Siatistas , Kastoria and Kozani is about the same construction , although before. The other architectural masterpiece of the city is the Church of the Holy Trinity , built in 1885.

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    Departure from Nafplion

    Concentration early in the morning and with stops for coffee and food, you will get the border of Rampart . Border crossing and continue for one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria , Bansko . Located some 100 km from the border at the foot of Pirin mountain , 936 m height. Combines the pristine mountain nature and atmosphere of the old Bulgarian small towns. The Bansko is not only a resort and meeting place for skiers, but also a beautiful historical monument, included in the World Natural Heritage list and is protected by UNESCO. The Alpine landscape fascinates ! Arranging the rooms of our hotel. Afternoon free for a stroll in Bansko . The evening dinner. We will try the authentic Bulgarian cuisine and more! Night .

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    After breakfast, depart for city tour . Bansko is a town - museum , filled with old stone houses decorated with sculptures and paintings with high walls and ramparts built in the 19th century. On the main road that connects the two slick squares , are the main attractions: the house -museum of fascist poet Nikola Vaptsarov ( with interesting photo collages ) , the house Neofitos Rilski ( considered the father of Bulgarian secular education and the museum gives the opportunity to see the inside of a traditional home area), and the impressive church Sveta Troitsa. And of course , there are mehana, typical restaurants , although adopting rustic scenery and musical selections Greek bouzoukeri offer nice food ( try the Dedo Yonkata and Vodenizata). Going up the gondola , you find the skating rink , a cute antique and classic nighttime hangout «Happy End». Bansko is beautiful and open to visitors all four seasons. It's famous ski resort because it has the most snow and the longest period of snow cover from all Bulgarian ski resorts ... Every summer festival organized here traditional jazz . The town itself attracts visitors with its 120 cultural monuments , museums and permanent ethnographic exhibitions. A very interesting visit is the church of the Holy Trinity, with the high tower of 30 meters and clock , splendid murals and woodcarvings . Free for walks and shopping. Back to hotel, overnight .

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    Visit the Cathedral of Alexander Nevski, the Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia , the church of St. Nicholas , Parliament , Opera

    Breakfast and departure to Sofia where begins the tour's main attractions. Among others we will see the Cathedral of Alexander Nevski, the Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia , the church of St. Nicholas , Parliament , Opera etc Then ascent by cable car ( personal expenses ) to the magnificent Vitosha mountain , where we will enjoy the spectacular view of Sofia. Then we depart for our hotel . Leisure . Dinner and overnight at our hotel.

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    Excursion in Plovdiv

    After breakfast we depart for historic Plovdiv . Tour of the old city. We will visit the House - Museum Kougioumtzoglou , church Constantine and Helen , the folklore museum , the Roman theater and we will have free time to stroll and shopping promenade . Back in Bansko. Dinner at the hotel. Night .

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    Bansko - Nafplio - Costa

    After breakfast , departure . After customs inspection Bulgaria and Greece , 30 minutes stop for coffee. Check with stops in Costa .