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Istanbul, Prousa, Ismir, Aivali

7 day trip to Istanbul, Prousa, Ismir, Aivali with Zafiris Tours

Destination: Istanbul, Prousa, Ismir, Aivali

Istanbul, Prousa, Ismir, Aivali (9 day Excursion)

Enjoy a marvellous trip to Istanbul, Prousa, Ismir, Aivali arranged by Zafiris Tours.

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    Compiling & departure Xanthi stopovers. Arrival & transfer to hotel.

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    Xanthi - Istanbul

    Xanthi - Istanbul Depart early morning for Gardens, control - shopping from duty-free shops and then through Malgaron - Redestou, we arrive late afternoon in Istanbul / Constantinople. In the evening take a walk around the Theodosian walls acquaintance city. Dinner, night / CT.

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    Istanbul city tour

    Istanbul & breakfast depart for city tour. Visit the famous church - Saint Sophia Museum, the Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmet, the Byzantine Hippodrome with the wonderful Ntikilitas column - obelisk bearing the hieroglyphs on the bronze tripod of Delphi and the nice German Fountain 1898. Then visit to Notre Vlachernon where they sang for the first time the Akathist Hymn in 626 AD Also visit Baloukli - Church of the Life Giving Fountain with miraculous Agiasma - traditional fish - where the graves of the Patriarchs. The afternoon is free to buy, visit-stop at the Grand Bazaar - closed market with hundreds jewelery shop - Silver - carpet - leather - rare works of art, later optional cruise on the Bosphorus, return to the hotel for dinner. In the evening we recommend fun with Oriental dance Oriental & tragoudia..Dian / CT.

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    Istanbul - Prigiponissa

    Istanbul - Prigiponissa breakfast, visit to the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Then optionally move will take the ferry from the harbor to the Princess Islands. The group of islands consists of 9 islands and 2 rocks. All together called Antalar (islands) called the foreign Princes Islands - the name given to Princes because they serve as places of recreation or imprisonment of Byzantine Princes. The move made by bikes & with alogoamaxes. We will visit one. Back in Constantinople / Istanbul, dinner at hotel night / CT.

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    Istanbul - Kio - Prousa

    Istanbul - Kio - Prousa After breakfast depart for Kio where we dedicate the whole day at home of our ancestors. Take time to walk inch by inch in Geni neighborhood and see the old Greek houses, the girls' school, St. Ignatius and the ruins of Theomanas. Arrival in Bursa night.

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    Prousa - Izmir

    Prousa - Izmir Breakfast and city tour passing by the Thermal Baths of Justinian - the tomb of Shadows - the mausoleum of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman and Orhan - the panoramic view of the city. Concluding market with the famous famous silk - bathrobes. Then depart ca Smyrna. On the way we meet Moudania - Lake Apolloniados - Balikesir - Manisa where we arrive at Smyrna. Check in hotel housekeeping, dinner, night / CT.

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    Smyrna - Kusadasi - Efesos

    Smyrna - Kusadasi - Efesos breakfast & depart for unique jewelry in Turkish coastal Kusadasi, where we encounter the exotic environment of the expensive hotels on the rich market for the visitor - the harbor luxury yachts from around the world-the warm hospitality . Descend to Ephesus which is about 20km. The most important ancient city of Asia Minor. Here we meet a lot like the Byzantine baths - octagon - a source of Trajan - Royal Market - Prytaneion - Public Market - Gate of Magnesia etc interesting points admiring up close. After this rich material tour we acquired back in Smyrna - for a little rest at the hotel and free time in the city. Finally back to the hotel, dinner nights / CT.

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    Smyrna - Pargamos - Aivali - Troy - Canakkale

    Smyyrna - Pargamos - Aivali - Troy - Canakkale & breakfast we continue our trek passing from Pergamon, visit the site. Next stop AIVALI - seaside resort - leisure little purchase. Next stop Troy, Myth & reality - the storied Trojan War that caused the brawl three goddesses Aphrodite, Athena and Hera on the occasion of the apple of discord and the inscription that "the beautiful" refereed son of Priam Paris. Up close you see Mycenaean ceramics and other finds in the museum. Finally at the exit of the site found the likeness of the Trojan Horse. In continuation of our journey, we come to Canakkale. Arrange the hotel, night / CT.

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    Canakkale - ARGOS After breakfast through Kaisanis, we pass the border with stops for lunch and coffee late arrival into our homes with the best memories.