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2 day trip to Karpenisi with Zafiris Tours

Destination: Karpenisi

Karpenisi (2 day Excursion)

Enjoy a marvellous trip to Karpenisi arranged by Zafiris Tours.

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    Departure from Nafplion and visit the Monastery Damastas

    Departure from Nafplion Megara and after our first stop on OLYMPUS PLAZA, continuing for Lamia, visit the Monastery Damastas. Then for Makrakomis, Timfristo, arrival in Karpenisi meal in mill and cafe - ice cream in the square. Then we set off for the monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa traveling riverside Karpenissioti among beautiful gorges and magnificent gorges, passing by pressing the Mary. Arranging and night in the monastery.

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    Departure for Nafplio

    Early morning churchgoing. After coffee we take the way back passing by Cosmas Aetolia. A brief stop at Thermo dining overlooking beautiful Lake Trichonis Panetolio and stops for coffee, passing the Andírrion return to Nafplion.