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Pontos - Panagia Soumela

11 day trip to Pontos & Panagia Soumela with Zafiris Tours

Destination: Pontos - Panagia Soumela

Pontos & Panagia Soumela (11 day Excursion)

Enjoy a marvellous trip to Pontos and see Panagia Soumel, arranged by Zafiris Tours.

  • 1

    Nafplio - Xanthi

    Departure from Corinth 6:00 a.m. through the old national road bound for Xanthi and similar stops for coffee and relax. Then we get Platamon around 1:30 pm for lunch. After lunch, we stop for coffee before Kavala and then take the Via Egnatia towards Xanthi Komotini Arrange the hotel, overnight.

  • 2


    After breakfast depart for Gardens (border), control and border crossings. Then departure for Raidestos. Check Eve for eating the lunch and rest. After Raidestos departure for Constantinople. Arrival in Istanbul and go to the hotel before we go see the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Notre Vlachernon where they sang for the first time the Akathist Hymn, we see the land walls of Constantinople, the city, Gedikoule (Eptapyrgio) and the Church of the Life Giving Spring Baloukli with Holy Water and the famous Tombs of the Patriarchs us. Immediate pick up and then we get to Taksim Square, this hotel where we had our first night in Turkey. Arrange dinner and free choice.

  • 3

    Istanbul city of Saframpolis

    Breakfast and then through Nicomedia (izmit), Bolu (ancient vithynio), arriving in the city of Saframpolis city of saffron (saffron is) Visit to the Greek district where is the Church of St. Stephen (now Mosque) and the picturesque city of Saframpolis with houses of the 19th century. Dinner and overnight.

  • 4

    City of Saframpolis - Samsun

    Through Olgas (ilgaz) Dokiadas, Merzifountas the birthplace of Santa Barbara, Kavzas, Cavaco, arriving on the shores of the Sea, in Samsun. In the browser will see the city district of Holy Trinity, where there were 4 Greek schools, the School Tsinekeio the Arrenagogio, the Gross and Nursery School for Girls. Today there are only two. Old mansions of 20th century architectural examples of the golden age. Dinner and overnight.

  • 5

    Samsun - Trabzon

    We continue along the coast of the Black Sea. After passing the ancient city Themiskeira capital of the Amazons, the wines, the faces, we arrive at Kotyora (Ordu) which will see the Cathedral of the Presentation and next, the bases of the Urban School Psomiadeio. We continue to Kerasounta, producing town cherry and hazelnut. . Visit the Church of St. Nicholas (now a museum). Afternoon arrival in Trabzon. Dinner and overnight.

  • 6


    Today the day is dedicated to meet the Greek Christians of Trebizond and the modern city. We start with a visit to Hagia Sophia (museum), Mary Chrysokefalou (mosque), Saint Eugene (mosque), and Abbey Theoskepasti Kapagiannidi villa. Leisure market. Dinner and overnight.

  • 7

    Trabzon - Panagia Soumela

    Breakfast and day dedicated to visit the churches (the city was a small Istanbul). Our interest will focus on the legendary monastery of Panagia Sumela, built like an eagle's nest on the Pontic Mountains. Famous monastery founded by monks Barnabas and Sophronius in 385. After a wonderful drive we reach the monastery where time for sightseeing and pilgrimage. The famous monastery in Matsouka built on a rock, deeply rooted in the heart of Pontian Hellenism. En route stop Hair Joined the bridge, and back to hotel dinner and overnight.

  • 8

    Trabzon - Amasya

    Breakfast and our destination today is the Amasya. Passing through the trees, the ESPI, from which came the vow, daughter of the priest, like Tamam (OK telling the Turks), the Poulatzaki, home of L. Iasonidou the Polemonio, Iasonio the end that we remind the Argonauts Jason, where over the ancient altar of Zeus was built early Christian basilica and the picturesque arrival of Amasya, first capital of the Kingdom of Pontus Mithridates at the birthplace of Strabo, (Father of Historical Geography) a small town built at the Gorge Giezil Irmak On both banks of the river IPI, dominated by the acropolis of ancient times. It aniforisoume the hill saved the entire ancient city, to visit the graves dug Hellenistic era. Dinner and overnight.

  • 9

    Amasya - Istanbul

    Breakfast and depart for Istanbul with similar stops for coffee, lunch at noon and late afternoon we arrive in Istanbul. Arrange the hotel and free at the center of Taksim. Dinner and overnight.

  • 10

    Istanbul - Xanthi

    After breakfast we visit those who want to Hagia Sophia and free choice till 12:00 pm for our recent shopping. Time 12:00 p.m. Boarding the coach and depart immediately for Ypsala. Borders, customs border control and continue to Xanthi. Arrange the hotel and free for those who want the old city of Xanthi. Night.

  • 11

    Xanthi - Corinth

    After breakfast we begin the journey home. With such attitudes in our way for lunch, coffee and a little rest, late afternoon full of mixed feelings and impressions of what we saw on this trip, we arrive to our city, Corinth.