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Valia Kalnta - Samarina

4 day trip to the Valia Kalnta and Samarina with Zafiris Tours

Destination: Valia Kalnta & Samarina

Valia Calda (4 day Excursion)

Enjoy a marvellous trip to Valia Kalnta & Samarina arranged by Zafiris Tours.

  • 1

    Departure from Nafplion

    Departure from Nafplio 07:00 stopovers reach the lake Thessalia, formed in 1959 with the completion of the dam at the southern tip of principle River Tavropos. The idea for the construction was attributed to the military and political figure Nikolaos Plastiras. After lunch, we will continue to Grevena. Arrival at the hotel, arranging the rooms and rest.

  • 2

    Visit the Ziaka the bridge, National Park of Valia Calda / the bridge Aziz Agha

    Departure after breakfast for the Ziaka the bridge, where we tour. Then we have two options.
    A: You board the jeep 4X4 to visit the National Park of Valia Calda. Our first stop is at the limits of the core where we can enjoy the view of the valley, you will see the difference in Black from white pine and pale blue color, the result of positive energy universe. We will see the rare red pine will do dendrochronology and we will learn about the types of mushrooms. After lunching in the valley we come to the village the garden where we will meet the rest of the group drinking a coffee.
    B: Departure by coach from the bridge Ziaka for the forest with a guide to the flora and fauna of the area with a little hiking, whoever wants it. We continue to the village to visit the cave church of the Virgin of 1633, and then to the village the garden where you will have lunch in one of the taverns. Once you meet up with the team from visiting the valley, will depart together for Grevena, passing the bridge Aziz Agha, from the greatest of Macedonia with 16 meters arc. Return to hotel and rest.

  • 3

    Visit Samarina

    After taking breakfast, the day will have the visit of Samarinas. Located in the northern Pindos in the eastern slopes Smolikas at an altitude 1450 meters. Regarded as one of the highest villages in Greece. You will have lunch in one of the tavernas in the square. Representative sample of the traditional architecture of the area is the village primary school. With 200 students by 1960, now houses the municipal library of more than 6,000 titles. In good condition preserved stone houses local rulers. Afternoon return to hotel, overnight

  • 4

    Visit the artificial lake of Servia and return to Nafplio

    In our present day we have the opportunity, if they are open, look at the Paleontology Museum in the village of Milia, which reveals that before 3.00 years lived in elephants or mammoths. We continue our journey passing through the artificial lake of Servia. Created in 1973 when he filled the basin of the river Aliakmona after construction of the dam "Polyphytos", located next to the settlement "Polyfytos" on the eastern side of the municipality of Servia - Velvento foothills of Pieria. Then through Elassonas, Tirnavou, Larissa, we go on the highway Thessaloniki - Athens with stops and nice impressions arrive in Nafplion